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About Us

Deliver ICT

About Deliver ICT

Deliver ICT and Telecommunication Technology PLC for short Deliver ICT is a legally register company in Ethiopia established on June 2007. A highly experienced IT professionals with expert level accreditations in the industry had founded the company. This has made Deliver ICT to be one of the competitive and service-oriented solution providers in Ethiopia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a continuing positive and highly influential force for providing Cybersecurity and IT solutions starting from the business need justification up to technical solutions in Ethiopia. Through service to our clients and collaboration with colleague, we will create a lasting legacy that improves the lives of People, Communities, organization efficiency and effectiveness through ICT and Cybersecurity Solutions.


In working towards our Vision, Deliver ICT and its employees aim to live for the following values:

  • We behave ethically, acting with integrity and respect
  • We work with our clients to contribute to their success
  • We care for our colleagues, encouraging their development, engagement and achievement;
  • We share knowledge with our colleagues to deliver professional excellence;
  • We act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, committed to high standards of safe performance.

Deliver ICT has ambitious dream to be best known for

ICT innovation, Cybersecurity Solution and achieving commercial success for its clients.